Quick Tips For Easy STRESS Reduction.


The effects of stress can be damaging to not only your professional work, but your personal health. While we will never be able to fully remove stressful situations from our life, but we can certainly reduce the impact that stress has by learning how to manage it. Follow these easy tips to help manage the stress […]

NO! Your employees are NOT motivated by money.


Employee motivation – this is one of the most debated topics among leaders of all organizations. Regardless of your industry (even sales organizations) the main motivation for your employees is NOT money. Think I’m wrong? A Gallup Poll found that 68% of Americans said that they would continue to work, even if they hit the lottery. […]

Selling VALUE over PRICE


The best sales people sell based on the value and needs of the customer – not on the price tag of their product or service. This holds true in any industry. Every sales experience should start by getting to know your customer and asking open ended questions. Open ended questions are ones that the customer […]

Driving business to your business.


Whether you’re a district manager, retail store manager, small business owner, account manager, or a general sales professional – we are all faced with the same question, how do you drive new business? There is no easy secret in driving business. It takes hard work, and a consistent approach. In no particular order, I will […]

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