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Companies have different products, offerings, customers, and client solutions, but all companies have one thing in common - people. Your employees are the single most important asset of achieving the growth and productivity at all levels of your organization.

No matter what your capital driving focus is, we can help your employees better understand your company vision, and the execution mission. Our custom training programs will help deliver sustainable results through a more thorough learning absorption experience.

New Hire Training
Company History
Mission / Vision
Employee Handbook
Pertinent Policy & Procedure Review
Position Baseline Training
Sales Training
Product Knowledge
Selling Techniques
Interactive Scenarios
Commission / Bonus Review
Referral Generation
Customer Service Training
Service Training
Process Training
Complaint Resolution
Creating Loyalty
Service to Sales
Operational Training
Compliance Overview
Procedure Training
Noncompliance Consequences
Success Outcomes
Employee Disclosure

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Trained employees are happy employees!

We strongly believe that people want to do good. When you hire an employee, they do not accept the job hoping that they fail - yet we see employees often fail, and low morale is part of every company. Employees that are underachieving often complain about feeling inadequate, unsupported and they are ultimately unhappy.

What causes this change in employee behavior? A lack of effective training.

Adequate employee training is vital to the overall job satisfaction of your employees. Proper employee training requires a comprehensive roll-out, structured follow up sessions, with annual refresher sessions.

Trained workers are more productive!

When employees are not satisfied in their work, it causes them to under-perform, make mistakes, and have little pride in the work that they do accomplish.  When employees feel confident in their abilities, it motivates them to achieve success in their position. I'm sure you've heard the saying that negative energy is contagious? We believe that positive productivity is even more contagious! A well trained workplace will boost the morale and performance from peer to peer.

Protect your future reputation!

Untrained employees make mistakes, lack proper judgement, and often show poor service. Those inefficiencies will cause your business to lose current customers, future business, and ultimately damage your reputation. A proper training investment in your employees is the most important contribution that you can make to ensure that your employees are giving the best experience and reputation for your company.

Training is cost effective!

Many companies look at training as an additional and unnecessary expense. However, the costs of not training your employees can hurt your bottom line even more, while being detrimental to the overall health of your business.

Having a trained workforce means that your workers are learning new skills that can improve production, enhance service of your product or service, reduce turnover, limit mistakes, build confidence in your workforce, and create a better working environment and culture in your company. An investment in your employees is an investment in your company. When your employees get better, your entire company gets better.


What People Say

I worked under the leadership of Brian while he was in Cincinnati. He has been a crucial part in turning the Cincinnati market around ever since his arrival. I believe I am a much better salesman/manager due to the sales coaching and leadership from Mr. Gossett. I will use much of what I have learned from him in the future.

KEVIN BUSKEN General Manager - AT&T

Brian and I recently worked together on an online website that I was developing and I have to say I was truly impressed with his attention to detail, expertise, and availability during the development of the website.

ROBERT BONDS Vice Chancellor of Online Operations at Daymar College

Brian is a results driven leader. He takes the lead and shows people how to be successful. Brian cares about employees and more than anything else he wants them to be successful, and develop into well rounded business people who can succeed in whatever situation they come across in their professional careers. If you are looking a tremendous leader with the skills to develop people to reach their fullest potential Brian Gossett is the person who you are looking for.

GEORGE DOWNS Sales Manager - Verizon

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