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A website is your virtual billboard that allows people to find you on social media, search engines, and direct links. A professional website offers instant credibility, while taking advantage of the tremendous sales, marketing, and branding opportunities that the internet provides.

Our design experts can create a unique website that is specifically fit for your business needs. If you need everything created from scratch, we've got your back - if you want to redesign you current site, we can do that too!


The purpose of responsive design is to have one website that responds differently when viewed on devices of different sizes. When the website is viewed on a desktop, you'll see the full functionality. When someone views the website on a tablet or smartphone, the website will automatically adjust to the size of the screen so that the content fits appropriately, while still looking nice and professional.

All of our websites are made responsive. No matter what device someone uses, your website will always look nice, clean, and professional.


We understand that nothing is more important than our customers’ success. With over 10 years of experience in website design and consultation, we offer website services that are unique and professional, while being extremely cost effective.

Expert Website Design

As a custom website design company, we don’t use cookie-cutter packages or standardized approaches. With GosSite Consulting, your business’ web presence is strategically customized to deliver you a powerful impression. The right web design can power your website to be your greatest and most cost-effective lead generation and sales source, while giving your company more credibility.

Server / Hosting

We pride ourselves in offering secure hosting services for a fraction of the standard price. All of our services include hands-on management by qualified website technicians to ensure that your data is protected. At GosSite Consulting we understand the intricate details of having an internet presence and can provide a customized solution for your business and/or personal needs.

Email Features

We don’t charge you extra for additional email accounts or space. You will have access to unlimited email accounts and space with our dependable and secure servers.

Advanced Support

When you sign up with us, you will have a dedicated account representative. They will be with you from start to finish, making sure that you get the website of your dreams every step of the way.

Our website services can range from basic design to full hosting and maintenance.


Website Design
Logo Design
Requires your own domain, hosting, and server.


Website Design
Logo Design
Domain Name
Business Email
Server & Hosting


Website Design
Logo Design
Dedicated Server / Host
Unlimited Email
Advanced Support


Website / Logo Design
Dedicated Server / Host
Unlimited Business Email
Advanced Support

What People Say

I worked under the leadership of Brian while he was in Cincinnati. He has been a crucial part in turning the Cincinnati market around ever since his arrival. I believe I am a much better salesman/manager due to the sales coaching and leadership from Mr. Gossett. I will use much of what I have learned from him in the future.

KEVIN BUSKEN General Manager - AT&T

Brian and I recently worked together on an online website that I was developing and I have to say I was truly impressed with his attention to detail, expertise, and availability during the development of the website.

ROBERT BONDS Vice Chancellor of Online Operations at Daymar College

Brian is a results driven leader. He takes the lead and shows people how to be successful. Brian cares about employees and more than anything else he wants them to be successful, and develop into well rounded business people who can succeed in whatever situation they come across in their professional careers. If you are looking a tremendous leader with the skills to develop people to reach their fullest potential Brian Gossett is the person who you are looking for.

GEORGE DOWNS Sales Manager - Verizon

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